Transformative Horizons


International Teacher Education as Opportunity for Multicultural, Multilingual and Transformative Experience

With this project, the Leibniz School of Education aims to strategically design international mobility within the teacher education degree at the Leibniz University Hannover, to reduce possible curricular and structural obstacles, and to provide new stimuli for the further internationalization of teacher education. The project is funded by the German Academic Exchange Service, DAAD. 

Goals of Transformative Horizons

The focus is on the promotion of the teacher education students’ stay abroad.  On the one hand, it is carried out by awarding scholarships. On the other hand, the obstacles that appear in the path of intercultural, multilingual, and transformative experiences abroad should be reduced. Above all, we start on the curricular and structural level.

The second aim of the project is to support academic exchange. For that reason, a better network of global teacher education institutions is necessary. Hence, we are planning guest lectureships among other things and organising a conference that will serve as a platform for the dialogue concerning the challenges and perspectives of the international teaching education.

The third aim of the project is the transformative, horizon-expanding potential of the international teacher education, which we will make accessible to all the teachers, students, and alumni of the university by any appropriate means. 

Planned Measures

Within the project, we apply multifaceted measures on several levels. In this way, we make the teacher education even more mobile and enable an in-depth examination of the questions of the international teacher education.

More precisely, we are planning:

  • To award the teacher education degree students with scholarships, within the framework of which stays abroad at the partner universities of Shanghai, Guadalajara, St. Petersburg, and Chicago can be successfully completed.  

  • To expand our consulting services for internships abroad. Similarly, we want to build up the existing network of the partner institutions. 

  • To strengthen the academic exchange with our partner universities in Russia, China, Mexico, and the USA through cooperation visits and guest lectureship

  • To host a conference “Globala 2021” which will be devoted to the topics of international teacher education. Extracurricular workshops, lectures, and information desks are planned for students in teacher education, people and institutions actively involved in teacher education at the Leibniz University Hannover as well as the external partners.

  • To offer courses in English as well as excursions for students of the LUH and the partner institutions. Both formats will cover relevant topics of international (teacher) education.