Leibniz-Prinzip GraduateLab

The Leibniz-Prinzip GraduateLab (LPgradLab) offers young academic professionals a place for the method and content development and networking. It creates a forum in which one can develop interdisciplinary publications, prepare joint presentations for conferences and cooperatively put in funding requests/request funding.

The LPgradlab was designed and piloted as part of the BMBF project “Leibniz Principle”. The LPgradlab is currently undergoing restructuring.


The LPgradLab is aimed at doctoral students and post-docs who conduct research in the areas of teacher education, teaching and school research. The LPgradLab would particularly like to convey the concept of reflective agency to the participating doctoral students and post-docs. This key competency, which is to be developed based on professional biography, represents the guiding principle of Hannover teacher education. In our view, it ensures long-term successful teaching activities and is derived from Leibniz's idea of ​​linking theory and practice in an insight-oriented manner.