Committee of the Leibniz School of Education

Elected committees are unique supports for the academic self-governance of the Leibniz School of Education. With contributions from representatives of all academic levels, participants are able to make important recommendations and take active measures to advance teacher education at the Leibniz University Hannover.

 In order to ensure that the teacher education degree programmes meet the requirements of professional practice, the degree programmes are in a constant process of quality development. To this end, the Leibniz School of Education has set up various bodies: the Board, the Study Commission and the Examination and Admissions Committees. The interests of student teachers and lecturers within the university are represented on the committees supervised by the Leibniz School of Education.  

The Council of the Leibniz School of Education

The board of the Leibniz School of Education is made up of ten members of the university faculty, three members of research staff, two members of the MTV, as well as four university students. Additionally, two nonvoting university students are part of the board in an advisory position.

In line with the Lower-Saxony University Act, the board discusses and decides matters of importance for teacher education at the Leibniz University Hannover. In consultation with the faculties, the board determines the admissions requirements, work experience requirements, and general requirements of examination procedures. Discipline-specific matters are determined by the faculties in consultation with the board of the Leibniz School of Education.

For an active or passive vote in the board, one must be a member of the Leibniz School of Education.

Date of the next Board Meeting

Invitation and Protocols of the Board Meetings

Student-Governed Academic Commission

The Leibniz School of Education organizes a student-governed academic commission that is made up of nine university students, four university teachers, as well as four representatives of the research staff.  Members of the student-governed academic commission are assigned by voting members of the board according to their academic level. The student representatives are chosen from all three concentrations of teacher education (university-track secondardy schools, vocational education, special education).

The student-governed academic commission offers advisory information about academic structures and requirements in teacher education and recommends possible changes in these requirements to the board.

In line with system accreditation requirements, the student-governed academic commission leads an annual quality management for interdisciplinary areas of teacher education.

The student-governed academic commission additionally controls a budget for supporting projects and initiatives that promote teacher education at the Leibniz University Hannover.

Date of the next meeting of the Student-Governed Academic Commission:

The meeting on 14.12.2022 was cancelled.



Examination Board regulates examinations and coordinates examination regulations. The examination board consists of members of the respective faculties and is the body to contact for questions regarding the recognition and/or transfer of credit points.

Admissions Board examines all applications received and decides whether a candidate is accepted or declined to the teacher education program. The admissions board consists of members of respective faculties.

These boards are overseen by the administration of the Leibniz School of Education.

Examination Boards