Leibniz School of Education Research
Educational trajectories and biographies of student teachers

Focus on student teachers and teaching staff - New research priority at the LSE


Brücke für zu Fuß Gehende, die über einen kleinen Graben führt Brücke für zu Fuß Gehende, die über einen kleinen Graben führt Brücke für zu Fuß Gehende, die über einen kleinen Graben führt © Christian A. Schröder

At the Leibniz School of Education, we empirically investigate the educational trajectories and biographies of prospective and existing teachers. For this purpose, their careers are examined from different academic perspectives. We briefly present both approaches below.


In our quantitative approach, the project - linear and non-linear educational trajectories, "LiNoBiL" - we conduct secondary data analyses using data from the National Educational Panel (NEPS). With the help of quantitative social research methods, we want to arrive at results that provide generalisable findings for the Federal Republic of Germany. This includes, among other things, the characteristics of (prospective) teachers, their educational and professional trajectories as well as their study and contextual conditions. Prof. Dr. Katharina Müller, Professor of School Education at the Institute of Educational Science (IEW) and Director of Studies and Teaching at the Leibniz School of Education (LSE), is the scientific director of this project.


Another sub-project entitled "Pathways to the teaching profession - (educational) biographies of student teachers" approaches the research field from a qualitative research perspective. The project follows a biographical-reconstructive approach that focuses on the experiences and interpretations of the student teachers themselves.

Within the framework of the project, data will be collected in the form of biographical narrative interviews with student teachers from various teacher training programmes. In addition to the reconstruction of educational biographies and constructions of belonging, the motives for choosing a course of study will be examined.

Project team:

Dr. Isabel Sievers & Dr. Ann-Kathrin Arndt (both Leibniz School of Education)

The project takes place in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Bettina Lindmeier from the Institute for Special Education. From 02/2021 to 02/2022, project students from the Institute for Special Education were part of the research team.