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Master Teacher Education for Vocational Schools for Engineers (SprintING)

Master’s Degree Teacher Education for Vocational Schools for Engineers (SprintING)

The Master’s Degree Teacher Education for Vocational School for Engineers (SprintING) is directed at graduates of engineering degrees as an alternative path into teacher education for vocational schools.

Degree Master of Education (M. Ed.)
Standard Course Duration 4 Semesters
Amount of CPs  120 CP, or in irregular cases with the addition of 16 CP due to
  admission requirements  
Start of Course   Winter Semester and Summer Semester (Summer Semester only
  if there are free capacities)  
In the Examination Regulations of the respective Degree, you will find a list of the contents and required examination performances.

Professional Disciplines and School Subjects

                 The knowledge in their subject area and discipline that students have acquired in the Bachelor’s Degrees in the areas of Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering are being applied to the new career field of teaching and expanded through studies of subject teaching methods and school placements/internships. Additionally, students will broaden their knowledge of their subject area and teaching in vocational schools, including the participation in an internship at a vocational school. Upon the successful graduation of this degree, students will have earned the professional requirements for employment in the traineeship for teaching at vocational schools.    

Professional Disciplines

Professional Discipline Automotive Engineering

Students who would like to complete the pre-service training in the professional discipline of automotive engineering can find more detailed information on the pages of the Institute for Vocational Science of Metal Technology (IBM).

Professional Experience

Until registering for the Module Master Thesis for the Master’s Degree Teacher Education for Vocational Schools, you will have to have spent 52 weeks in a professional occupation.

Further detailed information can be found in the Regulations Proof of Professional Experience for the Bachelor’s Degree Technical Education and the Master’s Degree Teacher Education for Vocational Schools.


Internships in your vocational discipline and school subject are required to graduate.

Further detailed information about internships can be found in the Internship Regulations for the Master’s Degree SprintING.

Guidance & Responsibility

Coordinator for Teacher Education for Vocational Schools: Katja Bestel