LeibnizLearningLandscape. Diversity and Digitality (L²D²)

The meeting and cooperation center for employees and students of Leibniz University Hannover, as well as school representatives and students, offers the opportunity for individual design of teaching-learning formats as well as project-related (research) work. The didactic equipment available in the room, along with the technical equipment available for borrowing, as well as the flexible furniture, invite the creation of innovative arrangements within the teacher education framework at Leibniz University Hannover.

Possibilities for the flexible design of didactic arrangements

The pedagogical and didactic arrangement can be reconstituted anew according to individual and changing spatial needs. In addition to the tables and chairs, the interactive whiteboards (with conference system) are also variably movable. Beyond the design of classical seminar-style seating arrangements, the space is particularly suitable for topic- and project-based group work.


Examples of applications and networking opportunities

  • Trials in the natural science and technology learning area

    The space provides the opportunity to conduct trials on various topics in the natural science and technology learning area. It is equipped with a workbench and simple machines (including a drill press) for woodworking, allowing for the testing of technical functional relationships and their implementation with concrete materials.

    Contact: Prof. Dr. Claudia Schomaker, Institute of Special Education

  • Teaching with iPads: Technical preparation and management

    Teaching with iPads not only presents conceptual challenges for teacher-educating institutes but also raises a series of administrative questions. During a roundtable discussion, technical issues related to the setup and use of iPads are systematically addressed. The goal is to create a shared experience space across institutes and optimize the administration and use of iPads for teaching and learning purposes