Leibniz-Prinzip GraduateLab

The Leibniz-Prinzip GraduateLab (LPgradLab) offers young academic professionals a place for the method and content development and networking. It creates a forum in which one can develop interdisciplinary publications, prepare joint presentations for conferences and cooperatively put in funding requests/request funding.

The LPgradLab addresses PhD students and Post-Docs from the BMBF-Vorhaben “Leibniz-Prinzip”. The offers of the Leibniz-Prinzip GraduateLabs are, furthermore, open to PhD students of the Leibniz University Hannover who are writing their thesis on a topic relevant to teacher education.

The Leibniz-Prinzip GraduateLab is a Research Training Group, which, within the context of the second promoting phase of the above-mentioned project, looks into the topics of teacher education and teacher professional development. The LPgradLab especially wishes to convey the reflective capacity for action to the participating phD students and Post-Docs. This job biographical key competency is the guiding principle of Hanover Teacher Education. From our perspective, it ensures long-term successful teaching and derives from the Leibniz’ concept of the knowledge-based interlinking of theory and practice.

In the form of regularly occurring lecture series, research and method workshops as well as colloquiums, the Leibniz-Prinzip GraduateLab has the following goals:

  • Present and systemize project results
  • Develop productive connections between the fields of action of the project
  • Promote an interdisciplinary perception of teacher education research



Lecture Series on foundational knowlegde

  • Professors introduce research topics of the project, additional study of cross-cutting issues

  • weekly lecture with exercises  

2. + 3. SEMESTER

learning of methods for your own research Visit of social/economic schools, research workshop on methods, philosophy of science and teacher professional development Discussion/ Debate of Methods

  • learning of methods for your own research

  • Visit of social/economic schools, research workshop on methods, philosophy of science and teacher professional development 


Data Gathering

  • independent research

  • further visits of social/economic schools, the research workshop continues

4. + 5. SEMESTER

Colloquium & closed meetings

  • PhD students collect presentation experience

  • regular participation at the colloquium, presentation of your own work, or organisation of workshops for the closed meetings

5. + 6. SEMESTER

Writing and Conclusion Phase

  • finalisation of research and PhD thesis and preparation for the academic profession

  • writing time and offers for career planning etc.