Teacher education degree for university-track secondary Schools

The teacher education degree for university-track secondary schools in Hannover consists of the Interdisciplinary Bachelor’s Degree (Fächerübergreifenden Bachelorstudiengang - FüBa) and the Master’s Degree in Teacher Education for University-track Secondary Schools (Master LG - Master Lehramt an Gymnasien). Additionally, in line with the certificate programme Third Subject for the  teacher education degree you can qualify to teach a third subject.

Regulations & Documents Teacher Education for University-Track Secondary Schools

Information for admission requirements are governed by the Selection- and Admission Regulations for the individual degree programmes. There you can find details on admission as well as the procedures on which admission is based.

Additionally, the examination regulations list the course content and requirements for each respective degree programme.

Examination Regulations

Advisory Services of the Leibniz School of Education for the teacher education degree for Technical Education/ Vocational Schools

Application & Admission

Applications are handled by the Immatrikulationsamt (Admissions Office) of the Leibniz University Hannover. Exact information can be found on the application and degree pages of the central university website.

Applications for the Master’s Degree

The Master’s degree in Teacher Education for University-Track Secondary Schools is its own degree for which an application must be handed in.

The Leibniz School of Education offers a yearly informational event for the application to the Master’s Degree in Teacher Education for University-Track Secondary Schools.

Consultation: Alexandra Krüger

Transfers and Recognition of Examination Performances

  • Assessment and Classification for University- or Subject-Transfers as well as Second Course of Study

    Assessment and Classification for University- or Subject-Transfers as well as Second Course of Study

    Applicants that have already obtained credit points at other universities, or students at the Leibniz University Hannover who which to transfer to a higher semester, need to apply for an assessment and categorization of semester by their desired degree programme. Immatriculation in a higher semester is only possible if the subject advisory service of the desired degree has carried out a categorization recommendation and attached it to the application documents. The application for a categorization, therefore, needs to be carried out before the end of the application period. However, a categorization is not necessary if a subject transfer is requested into the first semester of the newly chosen degree subject; the application is sufficient here.

    Transfer Procedure:

    1. Categorization Recommendation by the Subject Advisory Service
      Seek out the subject advisory service (see the website for the respective subject) for the professional subject field and/or teaching subject, according to the area in which the categorization should take place. The Subject Advisory Service releases a semester recommendation according to the presented original documents about assessments and  examinations in the respective subject, the professional subject area or the Profession- or Economic-Teaching-Methodology. The form for the transfer recommendation can be found under downloads.

    2. Application to the Immatriculation Office
       The semester recommendation of the student advisory service are submitted with the application documents to the Immatriculation Office. You can be registered if there is a free spot in your desired semester of your desired degree programme. Please adhere to the application period (15.01. amd 15.07. of each year).

    For questions please contact:

  • Recognition of Teacher Education Degrees from Abroad (Adjustment Degrees)

    Generally it is possible to transfer degrees obtained abroad as long as the credits earned abroad align with the requirements for the Lower Saxony teacher education degree.

    Teachers from the EU including Norway, Lichtenstein, Iceland and Switzerland may request Degree Recognition through the guideline 2005/36/EG. Information on the recognition procedure can be found on the website of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Culture.

    Teachers from outside of the EU may request an Assessment of Equivalence according to the Lower Saxony Law regarding the Assessment of Equivalence of Professional Qualification obtained Abroad, also at the Ministry of Culture.

    Insufficient Teacher Education Qualification obtained Abroad

    If the examination of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Culture has determined which further studies are required for the presented degree in order to transfer into teacher education or be placed in the teaching profession, you may register for an auditor degree for the Adaption Course at the Leibniz University Hannover.

    Under these circumstances please initially contact the ZEW - Central Institute for Professional Development


    Teacher education degrees started but not finished Abroad

    For transfers of credits obtained in teacher education degrees begun but not completed abroad falls under the responsibility of the Lower Saxon universities.