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Master Special Education

Gelbe Kachel auf der Master steht Gelbe Kachel auf der Master steht Gelbe Kachel auf der Master steht

The Master’s Degree Special Education is being studied on the basis of the Bachelor’s Degree Special Education or a comparable degree. The degree qualifies students for the traineeship teacher education at Special Needs Schools and/or integrative inclusive schools.  

Degree Master of Education (M. Ed.)
Standard Course Duration  4 Semesters
Credit Points 120 CPs  
Start of Course Winter Semester
In the Examination Regulations of the respective Degree, you will find a list of the contents and required examination performances.


In the Master’s degree Special Education the study of the second subject chosen during the Bachelor is continued.

Two special education subject areas are, furthermore, chosen. The school subject from the Bachelor is continued and the area of educational science consists out of general educational studies and teaching methodology psychology or sociology.

Educational Science


Next to the two school subjects, the professional education area educational science is also studied, which consists out of the areas of educational studies, psychology and sociology. In the respective obligatory modules, students have to take 6 CPs each in Educational Studies, Psychology and Sociology.


During the Master’s programme students have to complete the two following internships:

  • support diagnostic internship

  • special education internship

The internships are being organised and supervised by the Institute of Special Education.

Further Information about internships and school placements may be found in the Internship Regulations of the Bachelor’s Degree Technical Education.

Advice & Responsibility

Coordinator of the degrees in Special Education: Jana Pflughoft