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History of the Teacher Education in Hannover

History of the Teacher Education in Hannover

In the summer term of 2017, the Board of the Leibniz School of Educationdeployed a commission of experts to research the history of teacher education in Hannover. Head of the commission is the former dean of the faculty of Humanities Prof. Dr. Friedrich Johannsen.

Chronological Development of Teacher Education

© C.Schröder
© C.Schröder
  • 1751 Foundation of the teacher seminar by Ernst Christoph Böttcher (until 1926)

  • 1831 Foundation of the “Higher vocational school of Hannover” by Karl Karmarsch

  • 1831 Foundation of the Institute of Technology (Technische Hochschule, TH)

  • 1921 Re-Opening of the Institute of Technology with three faculties (Mathematics and Sciences, Architecture, Mechanical Engineering)

  • 1929 Stone Ceremony for the construction of the Evangelical Pedagogic Academy (Completion of the Building in the Bismarckstraße in 1935)

  • 1934 Opening of College for (female) Teacher Education

  • 1942 Opening of educational establishment for (female) Teacher Education (Closure 1944)

  • 1946 Opening of teachers College / Minister-Becker-College

  • 1951 Establishment of the first remedial (special needs) teacher professorship in the BRD

  • 1963 relocation of the first Teachers College for technical instructors Wilhelmshaven to the Institute of Technology Hannover / Transfer of the “teacher education degree for Technical Education – Vocational School Teaching”  

  • 1968 Renaming of the Institute of Technology Hannover / Transfer of the teacher education degree for University-Track Secondary Schools and Vocational Schools to the newly-founded “Faculty of Humanities and Political Sciences”

  • 1969 Founding of the Teachers College Lower-Saxony Department Hannover

  • 1978 Opening of the Special Division “Educational Science I” of the Technical University of Hannover

  • 1995 Creation of a Faculty of Education (Union of both Faculties of Education I and II)

  • 2004 Transfer of the Courses GHR (??) to Hildesheim / Implementation of the Bologna process for the remaining teacher education degrees

  • 2005 Foundation of the Faculty of Humanities

  • 2006 Foundation of the Centre for Teacher Education (Zentrum für Lehrerbildung – FfL)

  • 2016 Foundation of the Leibniz School of Education

Project: History of Teacher Education in Hannover

The idea of the project is to reappraise the varied history of the education of teachers in Hannover and to make it available for the public. The focus of the research lies on the people responsible (teachers and students), institutions, buildings as well as the evolution of the teacher education. The reviewing of the historical source material is furthermore aided through interviews with witnesses as well as participants of teacher education in Hannover. Publication of the research is planned with the inauguration of the new building for the Leibniz School of Education.