About Us: The Leibniz School of Education

  Who we are, What we Do  

The Leibniz School of Education is divided into three different areas: Academics, Research and Professional Development. The Leibniz School of Education is managed by a board of directors as well as the leadership of the university. Faculty and staff who work in the School of Education are responsible for a variety of tasks:

  • Organisation and advancement of teacher education
  • Implementation of interdisciplinary courses, projects and initiatives
  • Advising students on concerns regarding their studies
  • Initiation and promotion of interdisciplinary teacher education research
  • Supporting early-career academics in teacher education research
  • Organisation and execution of teacher professional development courses
  • Administration, distribution and monitoring of teacher education related resources
  • Implementation of continuous quality assurance measures

The faculty and staff of the Leibniz School of Education are the central contacts in matters of teacher education for students and faculty of the university as well as external parties.