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Inclusion-oriented Seminar offer “Learning together”

Inclusion-oriented Seminar offer “Learning together”

At the Institute for Special Education and funded from the LSE's university quality improvement funds, a seminar will be held under the direction of Dr. Dorothee Meyer in which students and disabled people will learn together about politics and inclusion.

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This seminar is not only available for students of special education but also open to some interested students from other teacher education degrees.

The seminar is a good opportunity to try out “inclusion” practically and group-oriented. It currently taking place digitally in combination of seminar and small groups due to the Corona virus situation. A team of student assistants supports participants in gaining adequate digital access.

The date of the seminar during the winter semester is Fridays from 10 to 2 pm.

If you would like to find out more about this offer, please register in the study group “Interessierte für das Seminar Gemeinsam Lernen Politik und Inklusion WS 20/21” (Interested people in the seminar Learning together Politics and Inclusion) on Stud-IP (you can find it through the search option) or send an e-mail to dorothee.meyer@ifs.uni-hannover.de

Find out more about the seminar offer on the pages of the Institute of Special Education