Workshop GaFL/GaSL (previously Workshop Plus)

Workshop Plus if an offer which originated in the summer semester of 2016. The contact person is Ketevan Zhorzholiani-Metz.


Workshop Plus prepares students for language teaching by providing theoretical input on various aspects of German as a second or foreign language, but also by familiarising them with everyday classroom life and providing practical guidance and support in planning and implementing lessons.

In addition to and following the introductory block courses, LeibnizWerkstatt offers the in-depth course Workshop Plus. The aim of the project is to offer students without previous experience an initial basis for teaching German as a second language or foreign language. At Werkstatt Plus, interested students can inform themselves and exchange ideas on relevant topics of language teaching. In addition, we offer practical units and a regular discussion group. Translated with (free version)


                 The cross-disciplinary and inter-faculty offer Werkstatt Plus is intended for all student teachers, regardless of whether they are studying German or have already completed modules on German as a foreign language/German as a second language. Furthermore, all students or graduates who want to acquire or refresh their knowledge in this field are welcome    


The Workshop Plus offer covers various aspects of language teaching. Linguistic and grammatical terms are explained as required, so that previous knowledge is not absolutely necessary.

  • The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and various textbooks are presented and analysed as an indispensable part of language diagnosis and language teaching.
  • Conditions are created to identify the problems of second-/foreign language acquisition and to put oneself in the perspective of the learners.
  • Practical tips for individual areas of language teaching will accompany the planning and implementation of the teaching units.

In the summer semester 2021 Workshop Plus takes place every Friday in June and July 2021. If you are interested or have any questions please contact us under the following e-mail adress: Please include your full name and subject combination.


Ketevan Zhorzholiani-Metz