The project “Theoria cum praxi. Promotion of the reflective capacity to act as a Leibniz-Principle for Teacher Education”,  short Leibniz-Prinzip, is being promoted as a joint Quality Campaign Teacher Education (QLB - Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung) by the German federal and state governments under the Promotion Registration Number 01JA1806 through funds of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Next to the Hannover Project, the QLB also holds 48 further projects at overall 59 universities in Germany.

Leibniz-Prinzip: 2. Promotion Phase of the Quality Campaign Teacher Education

With the start of the year 2019, the second promotion phase of the “Leibniz-Prinzip” has commenced. The goal of the project is to develop the interfaculty structures of the university and additionally contribute towards sustainable quality improvements of Hannover teacher education. In this, the Promotion of the Reflective Capacity to Act operates as a connector for all associated measures. The reflective capacity to act is estimated by us as the decided, pre-occupational to be developed key competency. From our perspective, this competency provides long-term successful teaching actions and derives from the Leibnizian perception of connecting theory and practice insight-oriented. In compliance with the mission statement “Theoria cum praxi” we wish to embed the goal-oriented impartation of theory into structured practical experience. This way a solid foundation for the difficult teaching profession for pre-service teachers is created.

Following our work of the first promotion phase, we are continuing this measure with the different measures, that are categorized into the following fields of action:

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